TSUJIRI Japanese Tea House


 10173 109 St NW, Edmonton

Today I went to Tsujiri’s media night! They open to public in two days. It is a 155 year-old Japanese traditional tea brand. They offer many different kinds of matcha products and have been expanding all over the world, with a location opened in Toronto, one opening in Edmonton in two days, and one in Vancouver in the near future.


Their vision is to be the pioneer of serving authentic Japanese Tea around the world.  Matcha is higher grade Green Tea powder and it is grinded by traditional stone mill. Japanese tea is known for its great health benefits and it’s one of the things that Tsujiri focuses on. They gave us a lot of details about how to make matcha, and the history of the company, which you can read here!

It’s located right on 109th Street and 101 avenue, right across the street from the Save-On-Foods. Parking-wise, there’s street parking in front and around the side streets. Right now, the interior smells like a brand new car. They have a lot of machines that they brought from Japan. It’s setup much like a cafe, with the menu displayed on a wall, and pastries behind a glass display.

For treats, we were able to try multiple treats made by their Pastry Chef, Karen. The two Daifuku are mochi-based desserts. There was a Matcha Daifuku and a Kinako (roasted soy bean) Daifuku. The outside layer of mochi was really thin and the inside of both were really creamy. Roasted soy bean has a really distinct flavour and it may not be for everyone, but I really liked the matcha Daifuku.

Yuzu Tart

My favourite treat, however, would have to be the Yuzu Tart. Yuzu is a citrus fruit in Japan and it has a really nice flavour. It was really refreshing and just has a hint of tartness that went great with the crust.

Matcha Creampuff

We also had the matcha creampuff which had a very strong matcha flavour and it was quite bitter. Not my favourite, but if you really love matcha, this would be a good pastry to get. It’s very strong and would go really well with a nice drink!

O-Matcha blended ice

For beverages, I had the O-Matcha blended ice with milk. I really liked the milk in this because it cut away from the bitterness from the matcha and it was really refreshing. Definitely my favourite drink of the night. Jenn got the Kinako Kuromitsu. It has roasted soybean and brown sugar in it. This was also really good! The roasted soybean flavour really comes through and it tastes quite good.

Sakura Parfait

They also serve various sundaes and treats featuring their famous matcha softserve. I opted to get the half/half soft serve with vanilla. I found that the vanilla gave it a nice balance and it was really good.

Soft Serve

Overall, an excellent addition to Edmonton’s foodie scene! I definitely checking this place out if you want to try some authentic Japanese matcha. The service here is also excellent! They have a motto where they try to treat you as if it were the last time that they would see you. They have really great recommendations depending on your experience with matcha. Check them out!


Updated Summer 2019:


They recently added a beautiful patio and a couple of new cake blended drinks. Cheesecake with Yuzu mint ice blended (left) and Chocolate cake with matcha milk ice blended (right). Comes with either matcha soft serve or whipped cream.


Both are pretty good! But I lean towards the yuzu mint a little bit more. Next time I think I would get it topped with their matcha softserve.

TSUJIRI Japanese Tea House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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