ACE Coffee Roasters


10055 80 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Last week I went to ACE Coffee Roasters for the same time. Soo many coffee shops, so little time. I was planning on going earlier in the week but then discovered that they are only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With such few days of the week that they are open, I took advantage one Friday afternoon when I was off work.


They are located on the East side of Whyte, close to La Boule. It’s easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. For parking, there are lots of parking in the area, and adjacent streets.

It’s quite spacious, but has limited seats. They serve coffee and doughnuts here, and it’s a great place to just relax, catch up with a friend, or just sit and read. They also have a few of their grains and other things on display that you can purchase as well.

I’ve been they serve a few different kinds of doughnuts here, and I went with a Bomboloni (filled doughnut) and a yeast doughnut, and their french press for two.

Bomboloni Doughnut

I really liked the Bomboloni doughnut. It was nice and fluffy and very light. The doughnut is not too sweet and very enjoyable to eat. I could have done with a bit more filling. I did find that it was quite asymmetric and a lot of my initial bites did not have any filling at all. Overall, a very tasty doughnut!

Yeast Doughnut

The Yeast Doughnut just had a simple glaze. It was very airey and fluffy and enjoyable to eat. It was a bit more dense than the other doughnut, but still very good.


I would definitely recommend checking out them at least once to give their doughnuts a try! You can buy grains from here to make your own coffee, and if you can’t make it to their short days/hours, their coffee is served at many other places in Edmonton so you can definitely have their coffee a try elsewhere.

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