Tang Bistro

 8715 109 St NW, Edmonton

A few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to try Tang Bistro. Well kind of, I ordered it via Foodora! I had read a lot about Tang Bistro, and have been wanting to give it a try for a while, but just never made my way there. It is, though, a million times closer to me than Noodle Feast.

To try and have a fair-ish comparison of Noodle Feast, I actually went there a few days before giving Tang Bistro a try. I also tried ordering essentially all of the same things. A hand-pulled noodles with beef, tomatoes, and eggs as toppings, dumplings, and a pork burger.

Pork and Chive Dumpling and Qi Burger

These dumplings, on the outside, look identical to the ones at Noodle Feast. In shape, size, and colour. The texture of the dumpling is pretty much identical, but because of the stuffing, I give this to Tang Bistro. The meat was better seasoned, there was more flavour, and simply put, it was just a better dumpling. Both are excellent though! And I recommend getting an order of dumplings at either place, because you get so many, and they are delicious. The Qi Burger at Tang bistro is called a pork burger at Noodle Feast. This has a crunchy outside, with soft pork insides. For this, I would give the advantage to Tang Bistro. It came with a bit more of a kick compared to the one at Noodle Feast.

Beef with spicy chili oil

One thing that I did get at Tang Bistro that I didn’t get Noodle Feast was beef with spicy chili oil, which isn’t something available at Noodle Feast. This was pretty good, nice thinly sliced beef in a spicy chili oil, but I could have used a bit more spice in the chili oil. Overall still pretty good though.

405. Hand-pulled noodles with chili oil, meat sauce, tomato, and scrambled eggs.

For the noodles, I went with what I usually get, the hand-pulled noodles, with hot chili, meat sauce, scrambled eggs and tomato. You get a pretty generous portion of noodles and toppings. The noodles had similar bite/chew to at Noodle Feast, and as for toppings, they are pretty similar. I could have used a bit more spice in the chili oil, but you can always add some more on your own. Both places are pretty on par with each other.

Overall, I really enjoyed all of the food that I got from Tang Bistro. It’s very similar and comparable to Noodle Feast. One thing that I think gives Tang Bistro an edge is not only its central location, but the fact that it does more than just noodles. You can get BBQ skewers, larger meat fares, rice, soup, and pastries. If you live central and have never had any hand-pulled Chinese noodles, you no longer have to venture all the way south to get some. But if you’re in the south already, you might as well go to Noodle Feast! No need to go all the way Central if you don’t have to! More noodles more better, and options are always welcomed.


Also, as I said, I ordered all of this food via Foodora. Everything was still warm and great quality. All of the food was excellent, and I imagine if I ate all of it inside the restaurant, it could only be better. I liked how all of my toppings for my noodles were in separate containers, so it was easy to assemble into somewhat aesthetic bowls. If you haven’t tried Foodora yet, it’s a food-delivery service that recently launched in Edmonton, similar to SkipTheDishes or UberEats. It’s pretty good! Especially if there are some restaurants on there that aren’t on the other apps.

If you guys want to give them a try, here is a code for 10$ off your first order! (It’s easier if you open this link on your phone)

Code: https://bnc.lt/YR5e/9fllsP6GzH

Or you can click here


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