10828 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Sorry for my recent hiatus! This summer has been a pretty busy one! A few weeks ago, I went to Seorak with Jenn. We went right afterwork, and checked out the new cat cafe too while we were at it. It was a nice day so we walked down Whyte and stopped by a few shops too. It’s located on Whyte right off 109th street, so parking is scarce, but lots of side parking and some meters nearby.


We managed to arrive at Seorak an hour before happy hour happy hour ended, so that was pretty good. The space is new, nice seating, long and narrow. Their menu items are moderate to high, but their happy hour is actually quite reasonably priced, so we opted to get several dishes from their happy hour, and then the Hiroshima-okonomiyaki (along with a few of their drinks).

Octopus Calamari

The first of our dishes was the octopus calamari. It’s exactly as it sounds, lightly breaded octopus, served as if it were calamari. The flavours were not bad, and overall was not bad, but I still prefer squid over octopus. I found the octopus to be a bit too chewy for my taste. Definitely a decent option though during happy hour.

Beef Tataki

Of course, Jenn always has to get Beef Tataki no matter where we go, so that was one of our other dishes. Their pieces of beef are flame torched (cut thicker than most other places), and served with sliced onions, dressed in their house-made ponzu sauce, and topped with green onions and sesame seeds. Overall not too bad. The pieces of beef were generous. Pretty standard for beef tataki, it didn’t wow me, but it was pretty decent.

Seafood Pajeon

Next, we had their Pajeon, which is like a Korean Pancake. They have a version with pork and a seafood one, and we opted to get seafood one. It was relatively thin, and not as soggy as the other Pajeons that I’ve had. Decent amount of seafood, and overall, not bad. Decent for their happy hour prices.


Finally, we got their Hiroshima-Okonomiyaki. They serve both Osaka-style, and Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, which is pretty rare to find in Edmonton. Having coming back from Japan, I was really looking forward to this! I went to both Osaka and Hiroshima, and had several Okonomiyaki in both cities, and I preferred the Hiroshima-style, as it is more hearty and has noodles. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style pancake stack, and ours was layered with egg, noodles, bean sprout, cabbage, pork belly slice, green onion, benishoga, tenkasu, and bonito flake. Overall, not bad, but obviously not as good as the ones I’ve had in Japan. Good to try if you’ve never had it before!

Strawberry cheesecake Snowbowl

For dessert, we opted to get their one of their snowbowls, the strawberry cheese cake one. Overall, not bad. It wasn’t too sweet. We didn’t have too many pieces of cheesecake, which was a bit disappointing. And looking from their instagram photos and tagged photos, they are fairly inconsistent with how it is made, presented, and served. I had a certain expectation from the photos I’ve seen, and the one that I had didn’t quite live up to that, so it was a bit disappointing! Minus points for inconsistency, but overall, it was still okay.

Overall, I had a decent time at Seorak. The food was pretty good, and during happy hour, everything is quite reasonable. Since I’ve been there, they’ve added some pressed sushi and other things to their menu, so I’ll have to come back and check it out! Pretty decent overall, and the venue itself is pretty nice. Give this place a try! More variety is always good, especially on Whyte Ave!

Seorak Teppan & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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