Seoul Fried Chicken


7904 104 Street NW, Edmonton

Mmmmm KFC! Korean fried chicken has been growing in popularity in the last few years in Edmonton, so it’s no surprise that Seoul Fried Chicken opened last month. It’s located right off Whyte Avenue in the same little area that Dream Tea House is in. There’s some parking right in front, but it’s often busy. There’s more parking a little bit north in the complex.


When we came around ~6pm, it was really packed. We ordered three half orders of the SFC OG, the garlic soy, and the BBQ. On another occasion, I got the G.P. Cheese and the Golden Kari, and some of their fries. They told us the wait would be ~40 minutes so we popped into Dream Tea for a quick drink and then came right back. There’s not much seating in there, but we came right in time and finagled a table right as some people were leaving!


The first chicken we got was the SFC OG. This is golden crispy, moist and seasoned to the bone. It’s really crispy, and the meat is really tender. It’s really good on its own, and the chicken tastes great all the way through. It wasn’t as crispy as I was expected and I have had some crispier KFC before, but this was still good. Chef Jake Lee brines the chicken overnight the night before so there’s flavour all the way through. The breast pieces were really tender and not too dry! Really good.


The next type of chicken we tried was the SFC BBQ. It uses the same Korean Spicy BBQ sauce as Chef Jake Lee’s father’s sauce at his restaurant Lee House, which is now in china town. This was relatively good. I wish it was a little bit more spicy. It wasn’t too sweet and strong. I liked this a little bit more than the OG but not quicte as much as the Garlic Soy. I like the sweet and spicy sauces that I’ve had at the other Korean fried chicken a little bit more.

SFC Garlic Soy

The SFC Garlic Soy is the original plain chicken basted with soy sauce and garlic sauce. It has a really strong garlic and soy sauce flavour and was topped with some green onions. Definitely had a really nice balance between flavours and was really enjoyable! So far this one is my favourite.

G.P Cheese

Their G.P Cheese is their original chicken with grano padano cheese with a hint of zest and parsley. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart. Soooo cheesy! It’s a bit heavy for me. I could only do a couple pieces of this one. I think I prefer the other ones but it’s still very good!

Golden Kari

Lastly, we got the Golden Kari. We asked for this with half the amount of curry powder (through experience). This is their O.G. Chicken basted with Japanese curry powder. This is probably one of my favourite ones here. I really like the flavour of the curry and it goes so well with the crispy chicken. I’ve had this before with the regular amount of curry they put and it’s a bit much, and too powdery. Half is just right and you still get a strong curry flavour. I recommend this one! It’s really good.

House Fries

We also got an order of their house fries. For 3 dollars, this is a pretty good choice. If you don’t want to eat a meal that’s just purely chicken, this is a pretty good carb choice. The fries are nice and crispy and come out fresh. Good staple and addition to a meal!

I really enjoyed my experience here! You get a really generous amount of delicious chicken for how much it is. It’s definitely a good deal. One half order is more than enough for one person. I was expecting their chicken to be a little bit crispier. I found that the KFC at some of the other places had more of a  “reheat-ability”, whereby it still tasted really good the day after. I found that Seoul Fried Chicken was a bit soggy the next day. That just means you should try and finish it all! The chicken Definitely one of my new favourite spots to get some KFC! Try this place out for yourselves!
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