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Last week I finally had the chance to go to Dorinku on Whyte ave. It opened a few months ago, so I always like to wait a bit for after the growing pains. It’s an Izakaya, and focuses mainly on Japanese street foods and is now the third Izakaya that we have in the city, after Izakaya Tomo, and Ikki Izakaya.

It’s located right on Whyte ave, just a bit east of Gateway Boulevard. There’s an ample amount of parking nearby, on the adjacent streets, and a bit of meter parking in front.


As it’s an Izakaya, they open mainly in the evening and late into the night and is kind of like a Japanese Gastropub, focusing on casual drinking and food. I went with Jenn, and we went directly after work and got there pretty much right around when they opened at 5:30PM and by the middle of our meal, the place got pretty packed for a Tuesday night. They had a projector playing some anime (I think it was Naruto?). They have some other cool decorations and empty bottles of sake for display.

For food, we went with beef tataki, assorted sashimi, tako wasabi, pork jowl, salmon pressed sushi, and their current seasonal special, pumpkin cream udon.

Beef Tataki

The beef tataki came out first. It was a relatively small portion considering how much it was. The pieces were cut a bit thicker than other places that you can get beef tataki. The flavours were not bad, and I did like the smokiness that came from the sear. I’ve only really had beef tataki which that smokey of a sear at Ikki Izakaya. Overall, not a bad dish if you’re a beef tataki lover! Easy way to ease into the meal.

Salmon Pressed Sushi

The next thing we got was their pressed salmon sushi. They have 3 different kinds of pressed sushi, and we opted to get this one since it was one of their more classic ones. I’ve seen so many pictures of their pressed sushi on instagram, and dozens of people regramming. There is no doubt that this one is really picture worthy! It was, however, a bit heavy on the sauce, but overall, it was pretty good. I usually like my sushi a bit more focused around the rice and the fish, but once in a while, it’s okay to indulge.

Pumpkin Cream Udon

Next we got their seasonal, a pumpkin cream udon. We wanted to get one more dish and this was recommended to us by our server. This was actually probably my favourite dish! The udon was cooked perfectly and was the right tenderness. The sauce was nice and savourey. There was a generous amount of bacon. Overall a really good dish. I’d definitely recommend trying this dish, or trying one of their other udons!

Assorted Sashimi

Next we had the assorted sashimi. This came with tuna, salmon, and some fresh scallops. Overall this was pretty good! I’ve never had a salmon that was quite that dark red. Really light and fresh. Fresh sashimi has always been one of my favourite things to get at a Japanese restaurant and it didn’t disappoint here.

Pork Jowl

Lastly, at the end of the meal, we got tako wasabi and the pork jowl. The tako wasabi came with small pieces of octopus cut up and served with seaweed. To be honest, this was a bit of a disappointment. It was way too salty, and was a bit unbearable to eat. We actually left this unfinished and on the table. The other dish we got was the pork jowl, and this was not bad. This is pork cheek, and it was cooked until it was super tender. It can be a bit stringey of a meat, but overall, it was pretty good.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Dorinku. They have a pretty large menu, and I’d definitely come back and try some of their other dishes. The highlights of the night would have to be the pumpkin cream udon, the salmon pressed sushi, and the company. I definitely recommend checking this place out for yourself! It’s always great to have more options in Edmonton, and this Izakaya doesn’t disappoint!


Updated Review: May 2017

I went back to Dorinku back in May with my brother since he was in town for business. I wanted to try a couple of dishes that I wasn’t able to try before.

Appetizer Platter

The Dorinku appetizer platter seemed appealing to me. There’s not much description, other than it offers 7 kinds of daily special appetizers. It came with some tako wasabi, tuna tataki, octupus and tuna sashimi, hamachi carpaccio, and a couple of other daily specials. Though I liked the variety, it was basically one bite of each of the seven appetizers. Challenging to share, and not worth the money in my opinion. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I probably could have done with a regular order of any one of their other appetizers instead of this.

Mt. Fuji Volcano Alberta AAA Steak

My brother wanted to try the Mt. Fuji Volcano Alberta AAA Steak. This is AAA tenderloin steak, topped with fried onions, and served with wasabi daikon radish sauce, Japanese epper and garlic butter soy sauce. They serve it with a hot stone plate so that you can cook it yourself! It’s is very hot and it actually splatters quite a bit so I caution you if you order this! Otherwise, it’s a very tasty dish!

And then again, because my brother had never had pressed sushi before, I opted to order some of their pressed wild salmon sushi. Again, as before, it is  wild sockeye salmon and avocado sushi served with Japanese mint and creamy soy sauce. It came out beautiful, and very tasty! Definitely recommend this again and again.

Carbonara Udon

Another favourite of mine from last time was their udon, so I wanted my brother to try it. The feature for that day was a carbonara udon. It came out pipping hot and still bubbling. It is quite creamy and very rich, but oh so delicious. There was a very generous amount of bacon in our bowl and it was really good to eat. Again, the udon is a must-order in my opinion.


Overall, a good experience at Dorinku! I’d just avoid that appetizer platter, and order some more pressed sushi or udon!

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