Tao Garden *CLOSED*



9642 107 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Tao Garden is a small little noodle shop that’s right behind Lucky 97 in Chinatown. It offers noodle bowls which you can customize for only $10.50, which includes a beverage of either hot or cold milk tea, which is a steal of a deal in my opinion.


The tea is relatively good. Nothing amazing, but it’s free! So who can complain.

There’s not much in terms of parking, but there’s parking around the residential area. To be honest, if it was really difficult to find parking, I’d just find a spot in Lucky 97’s parking lot (if you can find one) and walk. The interior is typical is an asian restaurant.


For food, you have an option between 12 broths, 8 noodles, and a large number of meats, veggies, etc, with 2 free items, and additional items being $1.50 each. They also have specialty items for extra costs, such as century eggs, spring rolls, tofu, green onion cake, etc.

Beef Tendon, Chicken, Egg noodle, and minced pork broth

Since it was my first visit, I just went with something simple, beef tendon and marinated chicken in the minced pork broth with egg noodles. You get a generous amount of noodles and broth with your meal. There was a decent amount of meat, but for $1.50 each, I could definitely see myself adding a couple more meat options!

Imitation Crab meat, basa fillets, in a vegetable broth

The other soup that we got was imitation crab sticks and… some other food item I can’t remember, basa fillets in the vegetable broth with thick rice noodles. This seemed like a good broth to get because you get a lot of additional vegetables, and it comes with your broth.


Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here. There aren’t very many build-your-own-soup type of places of Edmonton, and Tao Garden is definitely a winner. There are so many types of combinations you can make. I’m also curious to try some of their other options! On my way out I saw some people get served the spicy wontons and they looked really good! Definitely give this place a try!

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