Nongbu Korean Eatery


8115 104 Street NW, Edmonton

So in the last few weeks, I’ve been kind of on a Korean food kick. I’ve gone to B Bim Baab and Lee house, and today, we decided to go to another Korean restaurant, Nongbu Korean Eatery. It’s located right off Whyte and Calgary Trail. There’s a bit of street parking nearby, and there’s always parking up and down Whyte if you don’t mind walking a bit.


The interior of the restaurant is really simple and clean, and they have a giant projection of a Korean movie being played. It has a really nice modern and clean feel to it, but at the same very hipster. I often seen them on instagram and social media, and they definitely have a relatively strong online presence compared to other Korean restaurants.


The menu is on the smaller side, and you won’t find your typical Korean dishes like B Bim Baab. They serve more Korean-style street foods which are great for sharing.


We started off with some spicy DdukBbokki (chewy rice sticks). These are one of my favourite things to get. You can get a fried version that’s sweet, spicy, and crispy. The ones we got were served with a spicy sauce. It was really tender, and good! This was really spicy and not for the feint of heart. Tasty, but spicy for me. Easy to share, so I’d recommend just getting one. I really want to go back to try some of their other snacks and street food! From the pictures that I’ve seen, the Korean crepe and pancake look really good.


The other dish we got was the GamJaTang, which is spicy pork neck and potato soup, based off the recommendation of our server. It was actually pretty good. The broth is nice and flavourful. There was pretty generous amount of meat, but it was a bit difficult to eat. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little messy, then this is a great dish. The potatoes were cooked perfectly and really took in the flavour of the broth. Overall a pretty decent dish.

Bo Ssam

Our other main was one of their lettuce wraps (Ssam). We got the Bo Ssam which is the slow braised pork shoulder. This was definitely the star of the night. I think that all of their lettuce wraps are really good. The sauce, the meat, and the lettuce, all really comes together nicely. It’s also served with your traditional banchan, like kim chi, pickled radishes, etc). I’d definitely recommend getting one of their lettuce wraps if you’re having a hard time deciding.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at NongBu Korean Eatery. It’s a nice change if you’re looking for something other than your traditional Korean dishes. I really like the modern feel of it, and the simplicity of its menu and dishes. Again, I definitely recommend you trying one of their lettuce wraps! Even though the menu is small, there’s a lot of things to try, so try coming with a few friends so you can share multiple dishes.

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