8422 109 Street NW, Edmonton

I’ve been meaning to go to Farrow’s sandwich for a while now, but their short hours made it a little bit tough for me. They’re open 8AM-4PM on weekdays and 9AM-4PM on weekends (closed Tuesdays). My schedule is pretty much 8-4 weekdays, and I’m often busy on weekends, so I took advantage of the fact that they were open on Canada Day and went there with my friend, Jamie.

They’re located a little bit off Whyte Avenue and right on 109th. There’s a fair amount of street parking along 109th street, and there’s a fair bit on the adjacent streets. Like their sister restaurant, Three Boars Eatery, the menu changes here fairly frequently, except one of their signature sandwiches, the Grick Middle.


The inside is pretty small, just a counter to order, and a little bar for seating. They have a picnic table outside, so if it’s a nice day, you can enjoy your sandwich outside!

unnamed (2)
Grick Middle

For $7.25, you can’t really go wrong with the Grick Middle. It’s bacon, tomato jam, greens, smoked cheddar, rosemary aioli all topped with a fried egg. I really like fried eggs on sandwiches and burger because it really adds an extra savourey element. I had one a little while ago at Rodeo Burger and it was amazing, so I’ve really been on this fried egg kick. The Grick Middle was really good! There was a generous amount of bacon, and it’s really nice and crunchy. The tomato jam really goes well with the rest of the sandwich, and the fried egg adds a really savourey-umami element to it all. Definitely a good sandwich choice, and I see why they keep it as a regular on their menu.

All Dogs Go 2 Hoi An

The other sandwich that we got was the “All Dogs Go 2 Hoi An” This is kind of a mix between a vietnamese sub and a hot dog. This was pretty decent. I’m always a fan of pickled carrots and daikon, I find it always gives the sandwich a really good crunch. The hoisin sauce was nice and sweet and gave a good contrast to the sandwich. That being said though, but I couldn’t taste the sriracha mayo at all. The hot dog it self was pretty decent. If I had to choose between the two sandwiches though, I’d have to choose the Grick Middle.

I really liked Farrow’s! I wish I had the chance to go here more often. Their sandwiches are definitely a good deal, and it’s really great lunch on the go. I really like the option of going for something new that you’ve never tried before, but also having the security of ordering one of their classic sandwiches if the other options don’t sound appealing. Definitely give this place a try if you can!

More Photos!


Here is a photo of the Grick and Jennifer’s Trick. The grick is classic, and Jennifer’s Trick is a seasonal sandwich which has egg, salami, candied jalapeno, smoked cheddar, peach jam, dill cream cheese, and arugula. Really good!


Here is Jennifer’s trick with one of their delicious cronuts! Soo good!

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