The Burger’s Priest


10148 109 Street NW, Edmonton

The Burger’s Priest is a burger joint that’s primarily found in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). It started there, and is quite popular in the East. They have a variety of different kinds of burgers, milkshakes, and fries. You can get relatively standard options, like a single cheeseburger, or double cheeseburger, but if you’re feeling adventurous, they have a “secret menu” on their website that contains combinations and variety of burgers. Their largest one is called the ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ which comprises of two huge beef patties, two ‘options’ sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. This comes to a whopping ~26 dollars. The location in Edmonton is its first to come to Western Canada. I went there with a few of my friends about a week after their opening date and at that time they were still ridiculously packed.


They’re located in Canterra centre on Jasper Ave. There used to be a Hakim optical there, and then a dental clinic… and then finally The Burger’s Priest. For some reason, the business keeps changing in this particular unit, which confuses me because it’s a relatively good central location with ample amounts of parking. The inside is relatively simple. There’s a counter where you order, and then places to seat. It was still so busy when we went there, and there were a surprising amount of people working in the kitchen/grill for such a tiny space. It was so hot in there, probably because of a combination of how packed it was, the sun, and the lack of ventilation. Anyways, before coming, I recommend you taking a look at the “secret menu” on their website because I feel you get more of your money’s worth with the items on it.

The pope


The burger I got was “The Pope”. This is basically a double cheeseburger, with ‘the option’ all contained within a big bun. ‘The option’ is their so-called veggie burger. It’s actually just cheese that’s battered and breaded and then deep fried, which is a great addition to any burger. It was a relatively tasty burger, but for 13 dollars, I felt that it was a little bit underwhelming. You place your order, they give you a number, and then exchange that number for your burger when it’s your time. When I was holding the paper bag that held my burger, I felt that it was a pretty small burger so already before eating it I felt a bit disappointed. The burger itself was pretty decent to say the least. It was pretty thick, but nothing special. The cheese patty (The option) made a huge difference. It added a lot of flavour, and made it quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, I found myself still relatively hungry after eating it.


My sister, Lequyen, got the the Magnum, which is their blue cheeseburger with bacon. Relatively simple single cheeseburger, but the only difference is the addition of blue cheese. I actually really like strong cheese, but I thought that there was just a little bit too much of it. It overpowered the rest of the burger. Hers was around 12 dollars, which is so ridiculously expensive for what she got. I only paid 1-2 dollars more and I got an additional beef patty, and a cheese patty.

IMG-20150321-WA0003 (2)
The Vatican

Jamie got the Vatican City. This is a double cheeseburger stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. His was not too much more expensive than mine, at 14-15 dollars. The grilled cheeses were actually a nice touch to the burger. The buns that are provided in all of the other regular burgers are actually pretty plain. They are thin, and really the only purpose they serve is to hold everything together. They are small and thin, and do not even seem freshly baked or anything at all. I think having my cheese-patty tilted it in my favour for having the best tasting burger.


Thomas and Christina got other some other burgers that basically tasted like everything else. There really is no difference between their burgers, they all taste roughly the same. I would have to say that the biggest differences between the burgers would have to be whether or not it has blue cheese, an extra ‘the option’ patty, and whether or not the outside are buns or grilled cheeses. Everything else in between is kind of too insignificant to notice the differences.We also got the chili cheese fries. This too, was a little bit underwhelming. It wasn’t the great, but it wasn’t terrible at the same time. The chilli itself was kind of bland. There weren’t a lot of flavours, and the fries weren’t even seasoned well.

Overall, I would have to say that I was a little bit disappointed by my experience at The Burger’s Priest. I’ve read so many good things about it from their locations in the East. The burgers were okay, and there were some aspects that were really good, but I don’t think you get what you pay for here. I would rather go buy a burger from The Next Act for nearly the same price, and you get a side. Plus, there’s a way better atmosphere there. If I had to give any pointers or recommendations, I would say go for items from the “secret menu” from their website, because you’ll get a much better value, and try to stick with anything that has ‘The option’ in it because that sets the burger apart from the others.

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