Patricia Street Deli (Jasper)

610 Patricia Street (Jasper)

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go to Jasper. I was only there for a limited amount of time, so I only have a couple places to write about. I was there just visiting and stayed at an airbnb so it was relatively cheap. The owners were affiliated with Bear’s Paw bakery, so we got free coffees there. If you’re ever in Jasper, I definitely recommend hitting up this little bakery. They have famous muffins, sticky buns, and a number of other baked goods. They also have sandwiches, and sausage rolls which are also very good. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures! The two places I went to was Oka Sushi which is located inside the Fairmont Hotel in Jasper, and Patricia Street Deli.


Patricia Street Deli is one of my favourite places to grab lunch when I come to Jasper. It’s located right on Patricia Street, across the street from the Candy Bear Lair candy store. Definitely a good two for one stop! The interior of the deli is very small, and it’s mostly like a take-out place. They do have a table at the back where you can eat your sandwich, but it’s usually occupied. When you walk in, there’s a board with basically the menu. You choose your bread, meat, spreads/sauces, veggies, then cheese. We got a couple of sandwiches here and went with the bird, and roast turkey.

Sandwich with the Bird
Sandwich with the Bird

The first sandwich we got was with the bird. The bird is basically their famous rotisserie chicken, shredded up, and served on a sandwich. It’s really tender, and moist, and flavourful. It’s definitely their signature meat. (We actually got an entire rotisserie chicken the previous day and just devoured it for lunch). I got mine with their cranberry chutney, and garlic mayo and jalapeno havarti. It was definitely a good sandwich. They put on a generous amount of meat, and, have a lot of unique house made mayos and sauces.

Sandwich with Roasted Turkey
Sandwich with Roasted Turkey

The second sandwich we got was the roast turkey. We got this one with cranberry mayo, honey mustard, and sweet chili. This one was loaded with all the veggies, and white cheddar cheese. Again, this sandwich was really good. I would have to say that I preferred the cranberry chutney over the cranberry mayo. It just has a bit more of a cranberry flavour, and it adds a nice sweetness to the sandwich.

I really enjoyed Patricia Street Deli. The staff are really friendly, and I like how customizeable your sandwich is. You also have the option of getting a salad, which is essentially a sandwich without the bun, where you can load it up with meat, all the veggies, and sauces. Definitely a good lunch spot to hit, and modestly priced. I was definitely full after my sandwich! Hit this place up if you’re ever in Jasper!

Patricia Street Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Quality of food: 4/5
Service: 4.2/5
Value: 4.2/5
Atmosphere: 3.6/5
Expectation: 4.1/5


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