Noodle Feast


3440 99 Street NW, Edmonton

Last week I had the chance to try my first Northern Chinese restaurant, Noodle Feast, and I definitely was not disappointed. There’s not very many places where you can get really authentic Northern Chinese food. This places primarily focuses around three of their house-made noodles: Sliced noodles, rolled noodles, and hand-pulled noodles. Each of these three come with similar variation of sauces and meats. They also have a few other things like house-made pork-burger, dumplings, and rice.


It’s located south of Edmonton, in a small little strip mall. There’s tons of parking in this parking lot, so that is always a plus. When I went here last week, the place was packed. I was told that when this place first opened, the wait times were around 1-2 hours! It was completely full of Chinese people all speaking Mandarin, which is always a good sign. I wanted to try their hand-pulled noodle, and we also decided to try the rolled noodles.

Rolling noodles with egg & tomato sauce, minced pork sauce, and hot chili oil (#213)
Rolling noodles with egg & tomato sauce, minced pork sauce, and hot chili oil (#213)

One of the noodle dishes that we went with was the #213, Rolling noodles with egg & tomato sauce, minced pork sauce, and hot chili oil. One thing that I will say is that the portion sizes here are huuuge! You get so much food for only 12 dollars. This dish was pretty good! The noodles had a really good texture and tasted really good. The pork was really well seasoned and overall, this was pretty decent. One thing that I will say though is that it was a bit heavy. The hot chili oil made it a little bit too greasy and oily for my taste, and I felt that the meat/noodle ratio wasn’t great, but overall the flavours were really good. I didn’t manage to finish my food any way!

Hand-pulled noodles with pork ribs and pork bone soup (#305)
Hand-pulled noodles with pork ribs and pork bone soup (#305)

The other dish that we got was #305, Hand-pulled noodles with pork ribs and pork bone soup. This was probably my favourite out of the two. Hand-pulled noodles win hands down over rolled noodles. The noodles were really good. They had a really great texture and consistency. The pork ribs were really tender. The broth for this dish was a little bit on the bland side, but that’s nothing that a little bit of chili oil can’t fix. I really enjoyed this dish, and I recommend trying any of the hand-pulled noodles!

Steamed cold noodles (#523)
Steamed cold noodles (#523)

Another dish we got was #523, steamed cold noodles. This came with long noodles, beansprouts,  eggs, and cucumber. This was a really nice dish, and really light. I enjoyed this dish maybe more than my other entree. The cucumber gives it a really nice a light touch. I need to come back here and try their pork burger and their dumplings!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Noodle feast! You can definitely tell that a lot of effort goes into making all of the noodles. It’s really authentic and great quality of food for a really good price. I definitely recommend giving this place a try if you’re looking for some authentic Northern Chinese food, or if you’re just a really huge fan of noodles of all kinds. Again, definitely give the hand-pulled noodles a try!

Noodle Feast: The Taste of Northern China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Quality of food: 3.75/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Expectation: 3.75/5


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